90 day life coaching program for the woman in her best years who wants to dictate how her future is going to look versus staying stuck in familiarity.

“If not now, then when? ” 90 day life coaching program

My new 90 day, One-on-One PRIVATE (virtual) Life Coaching program has just launched and there’s a spot with your name on it!

This is for the woman who is in her BEST YEARS and is ready to get VESTED in herself by INVESTING in herself.

If you have been taking care of everyone else for yeeeaaars and you are at the point now that you WANT to look at yourself and what YOU want for the rest of your best years … then consider this… there is nothing comfortable about the comfort zone … only familiarity. And more times than not, that familiarity breeds boredom and a lax outlook on your greatest treasure … your own life.

“As a result of our time together, I feel more confident in my ability to succeed, a new understanding of my strengths and know that I have the tools to stretch and grow. I appreciated her honesty and know that my goals were always at the forefront of every conversation.”

– Mary Carangelo

“Åsa was an energy boost and we have more clarity in our business now. Everyone needs an Åsa in their life”.

– Arian Parsi

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Welcome to Sweden and to the majesty that is my birth country

I left her at 5 and returned at 43 …  and what a journey it’s been. Starting over, reinventing my life several times over has given me the wisdom of the ages.

If you are at the precipice of change in your life and you are looking for support in your journey then välkommen.

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Lär känna mig lite bättre. Här är min intervju som “Västis Bästis” .

Lyssna på P4 Västmanland med Åsa Nilsson

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Swedish lake, early morning. Walk. Meditate. Connect.