If you have ever asked yourself, “Am I enough?”

You are.

If you have ever wondered, “Is this really all my life can be?”

It’s not.


If you are READY to show up in your own life and be


then lets get started.

You are worth it.


So, who is this foxy beast, you ask? It’s FLOYD my SUPERHERO BUSINESS MASCOT!

Yeah, what’s a business without a mascot?? Empty.

This guy captures my spirit left and right! Not only is Floyd my spirit animal, he is also my business mascot!

Thanks for stopping by my website to get to know me a bit. Some people use their website only for pushing their wares and trying to get you to buy from them. That’s not how I role.

If we are going to join together to create magic in your life then we will be getting to know one another first.

My website is a place for you to get a deeper insight into who I am, what I am a stand for in this world and how it is I work.

Be prepared … what you see is what you get. No masks.

Who’s is my favourite kind of client?

My favourite kind of client is someone that is soul driven, dream weavin’, powerful beyond measure, responsibility takin’, world shiftin’ kind of gal.

And of course that’s EXACTLY why you found me. Like attracts like. #sisterhood

You have a want, a vision, a need to create something so much bigger than what you have created up to this point and your time is now…. you are just looking for the right girl to align yourself with that will help get you there.

You need help with thinking through the practicalities of running your own business.

You crave stability, sustainability and scalability in your life and business and you need some help getting you there AND keeping you on track. I get it!!

You are a Creative that has a lot of AIR, FIRE and WATER in you but you need some EARTH! That’s where Floyd and I come in.

He and I feel it’s time to make SYSTEMS sexy again!! #asiftheywerent

As a woman who owns her own business (or dreams about starting her own business), what are you looking for?

If you are dreaming of starting your own business, we start from a foundational place. We start with YOU, of course.

We build your dream around what it is YOU are a stand for in this world and THEN we get to the business at hand.

If you have an established business, we also start with you. All-ways you first. You seeing a theme here?

After we establish who you are and WHY you are the way you are and you ACCEPT that and you are LOVING THAT, then and only then do we progress on to where you need help moving the needle in your business.

Feeling aligned in your business starts with you being aligned in yourself.

“I hired Åsa first for myself, and then for my employees. She is a wonderful person who radiates warmth and wisdom, all while using presence and precision to cut through any illusions. She has my deepest and most heartfelt endorsement. You simply can’t go wrong with her”. – Mika, Philippines.

“As a result of our time together, I feel more confident in my ability to succeed, a new understanding of my strengths and know that I have the tools to stretch and grow. I appreciated her honesty and know that my goals were always at the forefront of every conversation.” – Mary Carangelo

“Åsa was an energy boost and we have more clarity in our business now. Everyone needs an Åsa in their life”.  – Arian Parsi

“She helped me embrace my quirkiness instead
of loathing it”

Asa opened my eyes and my mind to ways to finally live the life I truly desire, the life I see in my dreams, not the life I think I “should” be living.

She helped me embrace my quirkiness instead of loathe it. And we talked a great deal about comparison, negative self talk, and what my dreams really involve.

Asa blew me away with her wisdom, her knowledge, and her understanding.

–  Angela

“I was too focused on the numbers and the money that I forgot why I was even doing this”.   -Thais Gesterling

“This has saved my spirit, my soul, my future, my money, my time. Forever grateful for this work we have done together.” Therese Eriksson

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