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90 day life coaching program for the woman in her best years who wants to dictate how her future is going to look versus staying stuck in familiarity.

“Hey Ladies…This is a coach that I just finished working with…I can’t say enough about her ! If you would like to read my review, you can go to her LinkedIn page.

If you are looking to build confidence in ANY area of your life, need clarity, a goal, a way to sort through the noise…this investment is worth it. It’s about your why in any area of your life, embracing the amazing YOU. I am just sharing this as I share all amazing things with the people in my world that I value. Check her out…”

What a dream. Like this sunset, middle of summer in Sweden.
Those were words written by one of my beloved clients after working with me.
(Side note: I will have you know, I fall in love with ALL of my clients. I can’t help it. It’s just how I am. It also makes me THAT much more in tune to you and your needs, so be prepared).
Back to my lovely client. She wrote this to HER girls, her circle, her peeps.
Why would she do that?
Because she changed, that’s why. Don’t we want everyone we know and love to have the same opportunity?
Her life improved. She looked at everything. She discussed everything. She felt everything.
So how can I be this lucky? How is it that I am always shown the way to incredible, soulful women that are so ready to live their lives FULLY?
Maybe it’s an age thing. Maybe it’s an energy thing. Maybe it’s a timing thing.
I don’t know. I just know there are a lot of women out there that feel the same way as I do.

MY TIME IS NOW is her battle cry!

You are not willing to sacrifice one more freaking moment of your life taking everyone’s needs in before your own and putting yourself on the back burner and accepting scraps.

NO MAS, mamacita! No mas!

I know you are ready otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this.
Now, what does it mean to put yourself ‘first’?
– Does it mean your family is going to be pissed at you because you are acting and reacting differently? Possibly.
– Does it mean your boss is going to wonder why you are carrying yourself with pride and why you are starting to bloom right in front of their very eyes? Wait a minute, they ask themselves, is she looking for a new job? For me to know and you to find out, sucka.
– Will your friends start to question why you look so different and wonder if you have gotten ‘some work done’ or WHAT IS IT exactly that is different about you?  Hmmmm. Can’t put their finger on it.
It’s called happiness and confidence, darlin’, and it looks reaaaaaal GREAT on you.
Let me share the details of my new program so you can see what you think about it.
Do you want to experience yourself and your life in a NEW, IMPROVED, UP TO DATE 2021 fabulous (er) juicy (er) version?!
Yeah, I know you do.
Are you ready to say yes to YOU? Are you ready to say yes to ME?

“If not now, then when? ” 90 day life coaching program

My new 90 day, One-on-One PRIVATE (virtual) Life Coaching program has just launched and there’s a spot with YOUR name on it!
This is for the woman who is in her BEST YEARS and is ready to get VESTED in herself by INVESTING in herself. 🤩
If you have been taking care of everyone else for yeeeaaars and you are at the point now that you WANT to look at yourself and what YOU want for the REST of your best years … then consider this….
… there is nothing comfortable about the comfort zone … only familiarity.
And more times than not, that familiarity breeds boredom and a lax outlook on your greatest treasure … your own life.
If you are not FIRED UP about your day or what your future is looking like, then toots, it is HIGH TIME we get to work.
Ask yourself, “What is making me uncomfortable right now?”
Is it something you can change? Is it something you WANT to change?
Let’s stack the opportunities ahead of you in YOUR favour and get to it … let’s make it fun and keep it light and you DO need to be ready for change.
Because you will change.
For the better.
(This program is NOT for the gal that is a finger pointer and no accountability taker. Nope, need not apply. Mmmmkay? Thanks in advance.) 🙄
Remember, if this is for you, you will know it. Trust yourself and your intuition RIGHT NOW. Our bodies don’t lie to us. Only we lie to us.

Feeling aligned in your life starts with you being aligned in yourself.

“I hired Åsa first for myself, and then for my employees. She is a wonderful person who radiates warmth and wisdom, all while using presence and precision to cut through any illusions. She has my deepest and most heartfelt endorsement. You simply can’t go wrong with her”. – Mika, Philippines.

“As a result of our time together, I feel more confident in my ability to succeed, a new understanding of my strengths and know that I have the tools to stretch and grow. I appreciated her honesty and know that my goals were always at the forefront of every conversation.” – Mary Carangelo

“Åsa was an energy boost and we have more clarity in our business now. Everyone needs an Åsa in their life”.  – Arian Parsi

“She helped me embrace my quirkiness instead
of loathing it”

Asa opened my eyes and my mind to ways to finally live the life I truly desire, the life I see in my dreams, not the life I think I “should” be living.

She helped me embrace my quirkiness instead of loathe it. And we talked a great deal about comparison, negative self talk, and what my dreams really involve.

Asa blew me away with her wisdom, her knowledge, and her understanding.

–  Angela

“I was too focused on the numbers and the money that I forgot why I was even doing this”.   -Thais Gesterling

“This has saved my spirit, my soul, my future, my money, my time. Forever grateful for this work we have done together.” Therese Eriksson

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Yes, please!

Welcome to Sweden and to the majesty that is my birth country.

I left her at 5 and returned at 43 …  and what a journey it’s been.

Starting over, reinventing my life several times over has given me the wisdom of the ages.

If you are at the precipice of change in your life and you are looking for support in your journey then välkommen.

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