Starting the certification process tomorrow

Happy Thursday! The sun is shining and it looks like its going to be a beautiful day here. I am thankful for that since I left a rug out all night in the rain and it has now been “cleaned”! 🙂

Sorry it has taken me so long to write another post. I couldn’t figure out HOW to actually make the post on my new website. 🙂 This is all new to me. There is a learning curve, right? I certainly can’t be expected to know how to do all of this yet since I have never done it before (except for the last time I miraculously found the place to write my first post).

Tomorrow I start my certification process for Life Coaching. Technically you do not NEED to be certified in order to do this profession but since I take it seriously and I want to learn everything I can, I will go through the program.

It will be held at a sleep away camp in a town called Surahammar which is about 35 minutes away from my town. It is a deep immersion course where the group stays together from 3 PM on Friday and we are permitted to go home at 2 PM on Sunday. I am a bit nervous since I don’t know what to expect. I am a person that doesn’t lovvvve to be taken by surprise. I try to pre-plan as much as possible, prepare as well as I can and this is certainly out of my comfort zone. Maybe some of you can understand? I am sure it will be great, after I get one weekend (of 6) under my belt, I will know how this works. I will let you know how it goes when I come back.

Wish me luck!