The first Life Coach Training weekend

What a gorgeous weekend I spent in Surahammar at the Rävnäs Kursgård.

I have to admit that I was pretty nervous about going to my first of 6 weekends as this type of training is very different than all of my previous “formal” educations. I did actively choose to attend Kjell Haglunds Life Coach training because his way of educating people appeared to be very different from any one else I had ever learned from and I figured it was time to realllly put myself out there.

I am working hard to take note of my old ways of being, acting, thinking and feeling. Hit the pause button when I feel myself judging myself, minimizing myself and really looking at WHY I do that. Stop the thought in the moment that it happens and work on turning it into another feeling. At least recognizing that I am having the thought.

Kjell said in our training, he lives his life by this motto, “carpe punktum” – seizing each moment. We have the ability to make new choices in every single moment of our life and not choosing to be stuck in old patterns.

Yeah… I think I am going to like him and this training a whole lot. I am a work in progress as are we all.

Thought for the day, progress not perfection.