Happy Friday!

Oh happy day! Its Friday, the sun is shining, nearly. It is Fall in Sweden, after all! 🙂

It’s been an excellent week! I feel a lot lighter in my thoughts this week. I want to share what’s been going on with me, if that’s good?

Last week I was spending a bit too much time in my own head and that’s never a good place for me to hang out for too long. Self reflection is healthy but too much time can turn into self criticism, and that, my dear, is not healthy for me (nor for you!).

What turned my week around, you ask? 🙂 I had a coaching call on Messenger with a class mate (we have to coach each other every week) and after that hour, I felt so much better! I was honest with myself first, then with her. I shared the self defeating thoughts that I had been having and just saying them out loud reminded me that I have the power to change these thoughts myself, IMMEDIATELY. I didn’t have to carry them inside of me any more. I could simply change them into something more productive. She and I set some goals for the week, things that I could think about, do, and mostly it was important for me to recognize that I had those thoughts but to then let them go.

They don’t serve me. Nor you.

If you are having thoughts that are bringing you down, try to find one person to speak to about them. Someone you trust and know won’t turn them against you. Really say what you are thinking about. If you don’t have someone, consider writing it down, journaling about it. Sometimes the actual process of writing the thoughts on paper will help you. Once the thoughts are written, leave them. Let them sit there and go do something else. Get out of your head, go make a difference in someone else’s life, do for others. Don’t think, just do.

It makes a huge difference in my life to do this, I hope it does for you too. Send me a message and let me know if you need someone to talk to. I would love to be your go to person.

Have a great weekend.