November 2017

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Yes, please!

Who can possibly sit still for 14 minutes to meditate?!

Happy December! Lovies, 2017 is nearly a distant memory. Wrapping up this year I sit and pontificate about my never ending road to self improvement. I am discovering how much I truly don’t know. Starting a business as a Life Coach has proven to be so much more satisfying than I anticipated. There is a

The day to give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!! I have always loved celebrating this day the most out of all of the holidays in the US since there was always a whole bunch of food, friends and family came over and we didn’t have the odd weirdness around gift giving. The meal was generally served early and we would all sit

Video blogging – how hard can it be?

Happy Thursday. Its a glorious sunny day here in Västerås, Sweden and  I will make sure to get out and enjoy it in a little bit. I’m gonna take me a brisk walk in the woods during my lunch break. 🙂 One of my favorite moments of the day when I get to reconnect with

Gratitude is the attitude!

Happy Thursday! I had my  Life Coach training again this past weekend and WOW what an incredible time! How can I be in love with 28 (29 with our instructor) people so fast?? I was “present” for every moment of our time together and I was reminded yet again why I have chosen to leave

“Recovering perfectionist”

I heard the term “Recovering Perfectionist” the other day and laughed out loud. It’s totally me. Well, it’s becoming me. One day at a time, right? 🙂 Perfectionism is an ugly truth in many lives, certainly in mine. Trying to be something or someone we are not. Trying to live up to some unrealistic standard