“Recovering perfectionist”

Morning walk in Hjo, Sweden. Reflection time.

I heard the term “Recovering Perfectionist” the other day and laughed out loud. It’s totally me. Well, it’s becoming me. One day at a time, right? 🙂

Perfectionism is an ugly truth in many lives, certainly in mine. Trying to be something or someone we are not. Trying to live up to some unrealistic standard which we have in our mind of what we are supposed to be like. Be there for everyone, take care of the people around us. Pre-plan everything to a T. See to it that everything is in order, well before the day or moment will actually occur. Try to think through all of the pitfalls, the issues that could arise, lists everywhere, how can I be as prepared as possible so that I don’t look like a total idiot.

My (hopefully) last attempt at perfectionism was last Friday.

I was to attend a networking breakfast for the first time in my home town and I assumed I would have to present myself as a newbie to the participants, in Swedish, of course (not my most comfortable language). I had been planning and practicing what I would say to the whole crowd of however many people were there, in Swedish. I had gone over it and over it. The day came and I was seated with a nice group of people, we were all eating a lovely breakfast and the meeting comes to order. The moderator asks who in the room was new and I raised my hand thinking that was all I was going to have to do. I take another huge bite of scrambled egg and the moderator asks me to stand up and present myself. I completely blanked out when she asks me, “And you are with?” All I could muster out was a loud “LIFE COACH”. That’s all I said! I didn’t even say my name! I only said LIFE COACH. After all that practicing THAT’S all I could come out with???? Are you kidding me!?

So all the preparation in the world didn’t seem to make my first impression too formidable. 🙂

Life IS about progress not perfection and I am truly a believer that we all need help with something.

Where I need help is this. I want to be more comfortable with my business Swedish.

If you are a fluent Swedish speaker whom would like to improve on your English skills we can do a language swap! Help one another! It’s time for this old girl to get out of her comfort zone. Let me know if you are interested!

Hope you have an excellent weekend. I am off to my 2nd weekend of Life Coaching training. Can not wait!! I will update you next week on how it went.