Gratitude is the attitude!

Happy Thursday!

I had my  Life Coach training again this past weekend and WOW what an incredible time! How can I be in love with 28 (29 with our instructor) people so fast??

I was “present” for every moment of our time together and I was reminded yet again why I have chosen to leave the security of working for a company and start my own business. These humble, raw and real people have shared so much with me in 6 days and I am so thankful for the enrichment of my life. I look so forward to 4 more weekends together and then a life time of friendship! This “coaching the coach” thing gets real deep, real fast and I love it!!

The past week has also been spent working on speaking Swedish with as many people around me as I can. No more English, if I can speak Swedish. Its time for me to get real about my fears and feelings of inadequacy around speaking the language of the country where I choose to live. If I don’t practice, I will certainly never get better!

Interestingly, I am getting feedback on my Swedish from some nay sayers that would have made me immediately stop trying to speak the language before but since I have now publicly made a commitment to myself and YOU, I am choosing to be grateful for peoples viewpoints and opinions and learn what I need to take away from them. This language learning thing is tough but I am on my way and I need to be open for feedback if I am putting myself out there.

Progress not perfection, right? I also have to remind myself constantly of this since I am that recovering perfectionist :).

Do you have any insecurities that you want to improve upon or get away from? Or have you worked really hard on doing away with some insecurities and want to share how you went about it? I would love to hear! Message me and share your story with me (on my website or on Facebook). I would appreciate it! Its always good to know you are not alone. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend and thank YOU for sharing this journey with me.

Hej så länge (so long for now).



Walking in the woods outside of my home. My place to reconnect with myself.

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