Video blogging – how hard can it be?

Happy Thursday.

Its a glorious sunny day here in Västerås, Sweden and  I will make sure to get out and enjoy it in a little bit. I’m gonna take me a brisk walk in the woods during my lunch break. 🙂 One of my favorite moments of the day when I get to reconnect with my “self”.  My time for true meditation. But before that, there is work to do!

This starting your own life coaching business and learning all of the different ways to communicate with my audience is quite fun, even if I am filled with trepidation. Why can’t I share this journey with you?

I have been contemplating trying something new and I am wondering how hard can it really be? Instead of writing my blogs every week, maybe I can actually do a video blog. I think its called “vlogging”. 🙂 I told you this was all new to me so bear with me while I figure these things out.

I bought a mini tripod this week, its super cute, you attach your mobile phone to it and just start the video option on your phone.

The part about bringing it over to my new You Tube channel is the next hurdle.

Watch out world! I am getting into some serious technology here. We will see how this works. If I do it right and it uploads then I will use that format as well. Its good to try new things. Well, to me everything is new right now.

Do you have any insights or tips to share with me on how I can do this easier next time? Have you ever tried a video blog yourself?

I would love to get some feedback from someone who has done this before. Write me on my Facebook page (Asa Nilsson Life Coach) or Contact Me on my webpage / . I would really appreciate your input.

Thank you for your support!

Big excited hugs!