The day to give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I have always loved celebrating this day the most out of all of the holidays in the US since there was always a whole bunch of food, friends and family came over and we didn’t have the odd weirdness around gift giving.

The meal was generally served early and we would all sit in front of the fireplace afterwards and talk about life and just enjoy each others company. Possibly play some games, go outside and go for a walk (which I will definitely want to do), take a nap, watch football games but mostly just talk and eat. Everyone helped to prepare for the day.

The kids usually set the table and the men folk deep fried the turkeys (when that became popular). The chopping, sautéing, mashing, and decorating was done by everyone. Every time I think of these memories I get a smile on my face and a huge pang in my heart.

A walk of reflection.

This year my little family will celebrate on Saturday instead, 2 days after Thanksgiving since Swedes don’t get off for Thanksgiving and we have friends coming in from out of town who also have to work. Two Americans will be joining us and the rest will be Swedes enjoying their first Thanksgiving feast.

It will be nice to hear what they think, especially when we go around the table to say what it is that we appreciate about each other. We are trying something different this year and saying what we are thankful for is, of course, always wonderful to do but this year we will do an appreciation meal.

Each person will get to hear something that a person at the table appreciates about them (thank you for the idea @marieforleo).

We lift each other up. That’s the point, right?

How do you spend Thanksgiving? What are your traditions? I would love to hear them so maybe we can try something different next year! Email me or send me a message on Facebook (Asa Nilsson Life Coach), I love to get new ideas.

I want to say I appreciate YOU for reading my blog and I appreciate the feedback and the input that I am receiving with starting my own business and I am grateful for each and every one of you in my life. Thank you.

Glada kramar (happy hugs),