Love on the elders over the holidays!

Many feel that the holidays are a wonderful time of year. The family comes around, we have a little time off of work, eat some good food and maybe even get some presents. This isn’t the case for everyone.

Please take into consideration that there are many people (of all ages but especially elders) in our immediate area that do not have any family or any loved ones left or even friends that will reach out to them this year.

If you could find it in your heart to include someone in a meal, call someone that you know is alone, email them, sms them, send them a flower, drop some left overs anonymously on their step – ANYTHING – it might just be what that person needs.

It doesn’t cost much and the return is great.

Would you consider BEING the difference that this world needs right now?

May ALL of our days be merry and bright….

The greatest danger