Cancer STILL sucks.

Heavy topic today but is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

When I was younger (in the 70’s and even early 80’s) when someone talked about cancer it was always spoken of in hushed tones. When the word cancer was said out loud, it was said a little quieter as though it could spread through using the word. Everyone knew the person who “got the big C”, well, their chances were real slim that they were going to survive.

Today, if I don’t have 10 friends or family members that have RECENTLY been diagnosed and beat the s**t out of cancer then it is more. Thankfully so.

My father wasn’t so lucky but he did have 5 years after being diagnosed and told that he had 2 months to live. That was a gift and not one day did we take that for granted.

When I was visiting my mom in Ohio this past summer, a woman came out from the cancer hospital to do a  5 year follow up visit as well as ask for a charitable contribution. Mom and I both thought the visit was very nice, the woman gave a lot of updates on what the hospital has been doing as it pertains to research, and using new forms of treatments, etc. (BTW, amazing!!).  I asked her what’s the deal with so many people getting cancer now. Is it just me or is it actually that more people have cancer than before? She told me that 1 in 2 men in OHIO will have some form of cancer in their life! WHAT?!?!?! That’s 50% of the men in OHIO??! How can this even be?? How is that possible?

Right this minute I have one of my oldest and dearest friends at home healing from her right breast being removed due to cancer. Her cancer was found in a very random way, again, thankfully! This girl is 49 years old and has a long life ahead of her.

I am putting all of my prayers out that she will have a quick recovery. Not a great way to spend her 50th birthday but if you believe in serendipity then you will see how lucky she was that her doctors office called HER at home and asked HER to come in for a baseline mammogram since it had been so long since she had done one.

What doctors office calls you at home and asks you to do that? When she did her mammogram they found the cancer right away! What are the chances of that? You can’t tell me there aren’t bigger powers at work in this world. You can try but I won’t listen. Nope.

My message to you is this. Get yourself checked out. Go to your mammograms. Go to get your prostate checked. Go have your pap smear when it is scheduled. Go get blood work done if you aren’t feeling “right”.


With love,


Breast cancer ribbon. HOPE. NEVER GIVE UP.