“I’m kind of a big deal” :)




I don’t mean to brag buuuuuuut….. 🙂

For those of you that have seen the movie “Anchorman”, you will get my reference.  If not, you can see it here. Will Ferrell is a hot mess. God, I love that guy.

This week I had the honor of being asked to be “Västmanlands Bästis” (Västis Bästis). What that translates to in English is essentially my towns  “Person of the Week”.

I am not inclined to the arts and being on radio or television is not something I have done in the past (that I can recall) so when given the opportunity, the American in me wanted to jump on it. The Swede in me said NO WAY!  In fact, I wanted to hang up on my friend when she asked me if I was interested because I became so nervous that I immediately started sweating. I wanted to run. Being the resilient person I am, 🙂  I listened.

If you have not been on the radio before, there is something called a “Live” show. That literally means they ask you questions and you are standing there in front of them in a studio with a giant microphone touching your lips that you need to speak into and whatever you say is literally transferred out to the radio airwaves immediately. No going back. No take backs. No cursing. No fainting or crying. I was so nervous for this portion that I am positive that I was panting into the microphone.

The girl that interviewed me was calm, gracious and inviting. Asked me easy questions that I could remember since I must have told her 50 times before we started how nervous I was. Poor girl. Note to self… I need to send her a present for being so nice to me. We talked for a total of probably 15 minutes and I can not remember one thing I said.

I left in a daze and was certain that everyone on the streets knew it was me that has just blundered some panting story IN SWENGLISH of all things on a LIVE radio show.

Fast forward 2 days. The next interviewer came to my home where he wanted to meet me in a place where I was “comfortable”.

He sat down on the sofa right next to me. Not much idle chit chat before we got started and then he says we are doing a direct send and then he starts. What does that mean? A direct send? I thought this was going to be taped. I had put into my brain that if I made mistakes then I could ask him to reverse it and I would start over. NOOOOO! No such luck! I had to go live in 3-2-1. SHIT!

My heart started racing. I couldn’t stop smacking my lips due to extreme amounts of saliva being produced in my mouth. 🙂 Note, another tick of mine I was not aware of until listening to the interview on the radio. UGHHHHH. It was awful. I became like a bumbling idiot and all of the sudden I couldn’t remember my Swedish, didn’t know what I wanted to say. All of the things I had imagined that he would ask me about, of course, was not asked so I had to wing it.

Man, it is not nice to wing things on the radio.

Have you ever been interviewed on the radio or television? Or appeared on a Podcast or something like that? I want to hear your experiences! If there is anything I could have done so that I wouldn’t have been so nervous?

Perhaps the biggest issue for me was really about speaking Swedish when I knew that it was going to be heard by people that didn’t know me and then my “fear” of being outed as a non-perfect-Swedish-speaker would come to fruition and be heard by all!!

You know what? It really didn’t bother me. Can you believe it??? After 50 years of attempting perfectionism, I can honestly say that I was just interviewed on the radio and I spoke Swenglish like no one else could and I survived. I DID IT!!! Wooo hoooo!!!

2018 is my year for saying YES more! Is there any place in your life where you can say YES more?? Think about it.

Hope you have an excellent weekend.