February 2018

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Yes, please!

The travel adventures continue!

Oh happy day!!! One of my funniest and best girl friends has now arrived from the U.S.. We are going to have a wonderful visit, like we always do when we are together. How do I know this? Because we CREATE it and we LOVE each other and we have absolutely no expectations of one

This is your life… are you who you want to be?

I heard this song for the first time back in North Carolina at a church I used to attend called Lake Forest Church. That place had the most incredible band and they would play some excellent music!! They played this song and it has been sitting in my heart ever since…. I use the question

Personality Test with Myers Briggs. I’m a Diplomat. What are YOU?

Photo credit to http://thenester.com/  Phew! Its been an excellent week! I am officially ONLY a business owner following my calling of Life Coaching. I LOVE IT! My safety net fell away on Tuesday when I had my last day on staff at my previous employer where I had worked for the past 4,5 years. I took

Time to make the donuts!

Happy February! Today I head out to my 4th weekend of Life Coaching education. After this weekend there are only 2 sessions left. It is a lot of intense work but WOW is it gratifying!! Starting next week, I will begin my 60 hours of training/coaching hours, which will be completed by the end of