Personality Test with Myers Briggs. I’m a Diplomat. What are YOU?

Risk. Take some and pass it on.

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Phew! Its been an excellent week! I am officially ONLY a business owner following my calling of Life Coaching. I LOVE IT!

My safety net fell away on Tuesday when I had my last day on staff at my previous employer where I had worked for the past 4,5 years.

I took the leap and the net appeared. The net, I found, was simply me believing in myself.

We are all works in progress and there is always some place we can get deeper insight and enlightenment into our own sense of character.

Today, in order to continue to improve upon myself and evaluate my strengths as well as my weaknesses, I decided to take a personality test.

A Myers Briggs Personality Test, to be exact. Why, you ask? 🙂

I have taken one a long time ago, back in my banking days, and I can’t remember what the results were. To be frank, the codes have probably changed over time because I have certainly changed over time.

It was an interesting exercise to complete and the reason I did it was because I was “called” to it. If I hear mention of the same thing twice, then I know there is a reason and I need to stop and take a moment to think more about it, whatever IT may be.

Yesterday I was discussing the importance of coaching with another coach whom focuses on people who have lost their jobs due to downsizing or recession and she mentioned Myers Briggs (being one of many psychosocial tests that employers in Sweden are now using to evaluate if a person will be a good fit in their company or not).

Fast forward to today, I was reading an interesting article and it was mentioned AGAIN.  

That was when I decided I needed to heed the heads up in my life (Note: I am paying attention to my intuition again. It always did serve me well).

I took the test (free), it took less than 10 minutes to complete and I received the results instantly. I will share my results with you here and I would love it if you also took the test and told me your results!

Mine was ENFJ-A. What’s yours!?

Here is the link to the free test:

The important thing about getting these results is the NEXT STEP you take after discovering what your strengths are. You look at the other side, which is what you aren’t, and that is what you need to improve upon in your life, be it in business or in your life as a whole.

I thought it was a very interesting plus very accurate exercise to do. I hope you will think so too.

Try it out and tell me what you think. Is it accurate for YOU? Email me ( or Message me on Facebook (Asa Nilsson Life Coach) to let me know your thoughts! I want to hear them.

Hope this week has been exceptional for you. If it hasn’t, WHY NOT and what do YOU need to change in your life so that next week is different? It’s up to you.

If you need help to change, call me to help coach you. It would be my honor.