The travel adventures continue!

Oh happy day!!! One of my funniest and best girl friends has now arrived from the U.S.. We are going to have a wonderful visit, like we always do when we are together. How do I know this? Because we CREATE it and we LOVE each other and we have absolutely no expectations of one another. 🙂

Every time she comes to Sweden we plan a little short get away. In previous years we have visited Berlin (Germany), Basel (Switzerland), Oslo (Norway) and this year we head out to Helsinki (Finland).

To have one of my dearest friends make the long trip from Raleigh, North Carolina to visit us for a week every year is one of my greatest joys. It makes me (and Thomas) so very happy to have Jade here and she brings the light from the U.S. with her to a dark time of the year in Scandinavia.

We eat good food, we discover new places, we meet new people, we laugh our butts off and hit our re-set button.

Who doesn’t need to hit their re-set button???

Living a life of joy with loved ones is a gift. A gift that I do not take for granted.

Stay tuned for some photos next week!

To give you a taste of how Jade and I roll…. below is a shot of us taken this past summer. We did a video shoot for her 3 kids, to make them laugh. I can assure you that we laughed a HECK OF A LOT MORE than the kids did! 🙂

Feeling so lucky and thankful.

Excited hugs,


Video Remake