March 2018

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Yes, please!

How to increase your awareness of yourself and others through human connection

I have always loved being in the company of others even as a young person. In my early years, between the ages of 5 and 14 we lived in an area of New York where our closest neighbors home was half a mile away in the woods so not much social interaction there. There were

Quality versus Quantity … which would you rather have?

Happy Friday! It is hard to believe that it is Spring with the 3 feet of snow I still have in my yard but the sun continues to shine and melt it down. Soon I expect we will get another snow storm! 🙂 Ahhh, Sweden in March…. As promised to you last week, I’ve been

Social media overwhelm. Is it time to clean up your email Inbox?

Happy glorious Friday! I am sitting currently in my dining room with the sun on my back and it feels so good! The moment is calm, quiet, the only sound is my God Dog pruning his own claws.  A little odd but he seems to like it.  🙂 I wanted to share a feeling that

It was never a dress.

Happy International Women’s Day! Sad that we even have to have a “day”. Every day should be Happy HUMAN Day! Who cares what sex you are? Apparently, a lot of people do. On this day, of all days, I will ask you this… Whether you wear a dress, pants, slacks, knickers, trousers or trunks: How

Finland – what a blast!

Here are some photos of Jade’s and my 2 night visit to Helsinki, Finland. We had a great time! If you are interested in going to Helsinki, here are a few tips for you. Flying into Helsinki is easy peasy. We took the direct one hour Finnair flight right from Arlanda (Stockholm) to Helsinki. You