Social media overwhelm. Is it time to clean up your email Inbox?

Happy glorious Friday! I am sitting currently in my dining room with the sun on my back and it feels so good! The moment is calm, quiet, the only sound is my God Dog pruning his own claws.  A little odd but he seems to like it.  🙂

I wanted to share a feeling that I have been having this week because maybe you can relate.

I have been feeling overwhelmed. I haven’t been able to put my finger on WHY till yesterday when it hit me.

I am flying through social media sites like a whirling dervish on 40 Red Bulls! My brain feels like its spinning out of control and my eyes feel like they are going to pop out of my head. I want off this ride!

Research and inspiration is one thing but I have signed up for so many emails now from different people and companies and I can’t keep up with everything.

As a recovering perfectionist with the rule of NO EMAILS LEFT UNREAD in my inbox going to a minimum of 82, I am sweating even writing this. Progress not perfection… I know!

It has to stop. I HAVE TO STOP signing up for everything. I AM STOPPING AS OF TODAY. I am committing to you now.

You are now my accountability buddy. THANK YOU! Phew, I feel so much better!

So with that being said 🙂 … I read an EXCELLENT article this morning on LinkedIn about the “13 ways to get others financially and emotionally invested in your goals” (Arianna Huffington). It’s a little long but I thought it was very well written and I wanted to share it here.

I completed one of the exercises and that was to write down the top Key Events that have proven to be pivotal in my life. I spent a good bit of time on it. I kept writing and writing. I started from childhood and came to today. I laughed. I cried. All in the 20 minutes.

What in the world is wrong with me?

I was very honest. It was strange to write my life into bullet points and I wrote the good, the bad, the ugly and the very ugly. It was cathartic to write it all down. There were 3 pivotal moments in my life that were SHAME based and that surprised me since I had never written them before. Not like that. That’s where the tears came in. FYI.

It goes to show us that we are not defined by one (or three) moments in our lives but the overall picture. THANK GOD/Spirit/Thor/Universe/Buddha/ Whatever for that.

We are works in progress and to continually choose to improve upon ourselves, our TRUE selves, to learn new ways of thinking, to strive to be better for ourselves – that’s really when magic happens.

Just because we’ve always done something doesn’t mean we always have to continue doing it. If you don’t like it, if it doesn’t suit you any more or fit the picture of yourself that you really want to have, then make a different choice.

It’s your ride. Will you get on it and put your hands up and scream your head off in joyful glee as you fly through your lifes journey. I sure hope so. 🙂

I will be the one sitting next to you! See you there!

Go kick some ass.



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