How to increase your awareness of yourself and others through human connection

I have always loved being in the company of others even as a young person.

In my early years, between the ages of 5 and 14 we lived in an area of New York where our closest neighbors home was half a mile away in the woods so not much social interaction there. There were times I would be invited to a classmates home after school during the week.

The determining factor as to whether I wanted to go to their house or not lay in the answer to this very important question:

“Do your parents buy Coca-Cola”?

I had a love for the caramel colored elixir as a wee girl, the sugary goodness and the fact that it was forbidden in our home did nothing but make it taste that much more delicious. I could literally down 4 sodas when I got to their home.

My tastes have become a bit more refined over the years, I now drink coffee, water, hot tea and red wine. Now I ask this before I go to someones house:

“Do you have wine at home?” No, I am kidding. I don’t ask that. I bring my own. 🙂

So, getting back to my point. Human connection.

Vital for all of us and through it we actually become stronger. Literally and figuratively.

Assuming the people in your life are not energy vampires who suck the life right out of you with their nagging and pessimism and woe is me attitude. And if you are choosing this type of person to remain in your life, have you asked yourself WHY????

To help or serve each other, our neighbors, our friends, people in our community and to really LISTEN to other humans is also how we lift ourselves up.

To really see others needs. Pay attention. To “listen” with 2 ears and 2 eyes. Pay attention especially to body language. How do they stand? How do they hold themselves? How do they engage with you? You can usually see signs if someone is hurting. Dare to ASK also.

I say to myself every morning. “How can I best serve the world today”?

How can I open my eyes wider to the emptiness, shame or grief around me and make a difference today?

The messages I tell myself in my own head have gone from judgements, even “joking” judgements, putting myself down to messages of love and honoring myself. I have noticed the difference in my daily life and how I FEEL and the difference I am able to make for others by doing this.

What we say to ourselves inside of our own heads is what we become. Do you understand the importance of the inner voice and what we do to OURSELVES?

All relationships start with us taking care of US first. If there is anything in your life that you feel is being held back, what can you do for yourself? You can….

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is hindering me from becoming the person I really want to be?
  • How am I setting my own limitations?
  • What are my biggest fears?


Dare to reach out for help for YOURSELF! We all need one another and together we are stronger!

You. Are. Not. Alone.

Take good, loving care of you and if you have an extra seat at your table this Easter and you know someone who is going to be alone, please consider inviting them to come and share in the feast.


A Coke and a smile

Me back in the good ole’ days, enjoying a Coke and a smile…