My little slice of heaven on earth

This week I have been spending my time in Surahammar, Sweden attending a course on Self Esteem, Stress and Mindfulness Coaching.

The reason I decided to invest another week of my life on yet another education is so that I can have the additional coaching skills in my tool box and so that I can share them with YOU!

And what an inspiration it has been for ME to be here learning these new skills!

This is the same place that I come to for my “normal” Life Coaching courses but this time I have a group of 28 people (3 of them are current classmates from Life Coaching) so the other 24 people are/were complete strangers to me.

The thing about going to these types of trainings is that you get personal with strangers so fast that it is shocking. All of the participants are here for their own reasons and they are all willing to share their stories. Quickly…. and I LOVE IT! They have come here from all over Sweden. All due to our excellent, life changing instructor Kjell Haglund.

He is one of a kind.

You want to learn from the best?

The best Life Coaching educator in Sweden

To think, I was contemplating not attending his Life Coaching course because ” he was so different”. What happens if he is too “out there”? What is it with him being the “Souls Warrior”? What kind of talk is that? What happens if he is a weirdo? What if he is some scam artist and he won’t give me the education I require and PAID FOR in order to learn how to be the best Life Coach I could be?!

How naive of me to think that the instructor was the person that was going to “make” me the best Life Coach.

Why did I look at him on an outward, superficial basis and determine that he wasn’t “like me”? How could I determine by his photos and his words on his website that he is isn’t like me?? AND DOES HE NEED TO BE!?! HELL NO!! Preferably he wouldn’t be like me at all so I can learn exactly what I NEED to learn.

This is EXACTLY why I decided to attend his education.

I would HIGHLY recommend him as a coach educator because he is an unbelievable force to be reckoned with. What a story he brings to the table and the fact that he is teaching this old bird (ME) how to RELAX, BREATHE, ENJOY the moment, LIVE in the moment, listen to people authentically, not to give my opinions on how they need to live their life but to learn how to ask better questions, learn to understand there is “nothing right and nothing wrong” its only your perception of it.

Now that’s a man that deserves some sort of an award.

This week we are sitting in a smallish room with bad circulation on hard, wooden chairs with the sun shining in and Kjell teaching us how a person loses their own identity at the age of 2 when they start to be told how to act and how to “be” from their parents so that they can fit in to societies expectations of the family and whom they surround themselves with… man, that’s some good stuff. Then we continue to live our lives on the repeat button and then we wonder why we have such bad self esteem.

Because everything happens the same as it always has happened and it ever will.

Until it doesn’t.

When you learn to make ACTIVE decisions in your life, change your story and decide something different than what you have always chosen, you will immediately see an improvement in your self esteem because you are now actually participating in your own life! Not just taking what has always been served up to you.

How else can you improve?

By knowing your values and what you stand for. When you know what YOU stand for, and what you believe in, then you know what direction you want to go in. Not what everyone else around you feels or believes but what YOU actually believe in.

It gives you a back bone and your own legs to stand on.

It is who you are and who you were born to be and who you can be again. When you take action to change.

Want to learn more about setting your values? Then contact your nearest Life Coach. ME! 🙂 And we can go through them. One by one till you create your list of your “most valued values” and then you start to redefine yourself.

Are you ready to start improving your self esteem? You are worth it.

I am here for you. Reach out, lets start a conversation. I would love to help you feel great about who you are again.

Below are some pics of the week so far. Feeling very thankful….


Mindfulness exercise

Learning how to do Qi Gong to quiet the mind and breath.

Meditation to Zero Set the Mind

Relaxing on the grass after meditating for 40 minutes.

Ravnas Surahammar Stress Coach education

This is the view we have every day. Such a wonderful place. Thankful!