The 5 rites – how I got a flat (well, flattttter) belly in 10 weeks

Hi there!

Finally! The world winning video of all time has been produced. It took years to make it this perfect and it is here for your viewing pleasure! 🙂

OK, well, maybe not so perfect but that’s not the point. If I wait for someone else to help me film this it will never happen so I took the bull by the horns today and made the video myself (with my co stars Pippi and Lille Man (Little Man in English).

These exercises have made an enormous improvement in my life and I want to share them with you if you have not heard of them before. The book where I get the exercises from is called, “The Ancient Secret of the Fountain Of Youth” by Peter Kelder. The book doesn’t take long to read and I would recommend you read it so you can understand the back ground to the book and how he came to find out about the rites.

The purpose of doing these movements is to get your chakras aligned and whether we recognize it or not, the older we get the more our chakras start to slow down and may even start reversing. When that happens our bodies start to break down and we certainly do not want that, now, do we?! I certainly do not.

Where I have seen improvements in my own body: flatter belly, better sleep, better concentration, more patience, breath deeper, more energy… the list goes on. Try them for yourself!

**Note: If you have mobility issues or physically are unable to do any of these movements, do the best you can. Always consult a medical professional before trying anything that may hurt you.**

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So, with no further ado….. ENJOY!

Love from Åsa, Pippi and Lille Man