You ever feel alone? Six principals on how you can COACH YOURSELF to a new and better life

Who doesn’t want to have a better life? I can’t think of one person that doesn’t have at least one part of their world that doesn’t need some sort of improvement.

I certainly know I do and I this is what I  work with every single day! Let me share my latest discovery about myself. Perhaps you can see yourself in this?

I have been super tired this past week. I have been reflective and taking time to just BE. That is very uncomfortable for me as I am a ‘mover’. I have noticed this in myself recently that I am always physically moving. Why? Why do I always move around when I am in a public arena, party or at a social gathering?

I sat and thought about it today after I did my meditation. I went deeper into my question of WHY and determined that I move around so as to not have to make myself vulnerable (or better yet, available). Odd, isn’t it? I can be there for you and ask you questions and see how I can help you with your life but it’s hard for me to allow you to do the same.

Ever since I was little I always wanted to fit in. I wanted to be included. I wanted to be seen and heard (youngest of 5 siblings complex and a foreigner in a new land). Since I didn’t feel seen, I kept moving around to go to a new spot, a new group, a different place to see if I would fit in there.

I felt as though I was on the outside, I didn’t get “in” the circle so I just kept moving around.

Hmmmm. I still do this. Maybe I still don’t feel seen?

Or is it more likely an unconditional habit that I didn’t even know that I still carried with me?

I don’t feel like I am on the ‘outside’ anymore. I am surrounded by loving, gracious friends and family and feel more accepted than ever. Most importantly I feel accepted inside of myself.

It’s a strange reflection to have today, on this glorious Thursday. It goes to show me that I am always going to be recognizing pieces of myself that I have hidden away, or put away neatly in a corner to “deal with later”.

Meditation also brings these memories and thoughts to the surface. Another great reason to meditate. I personally WANT to clean these things up.

Do YOU have anything you want to clean up?

If yes, then let’s DO something different!

We can COACH OURSELVES  by applying these SIX Principals:

1. Go after your passions. Do more of what you actually like to do! If you do not know what your passions are then think about this. What are you doing when the time just flies? When there doesn’t seem to be any effort, it just IS. That is a passion.
2. Be selective. Stop doing ALL of the things that you feel somehow responsible for doing. Pay attention to your body and how your body changes when you get signals that say NO, I do not want to do this. Are you doing it for someone elses sake? Do you just not want to say no because it is harder? Question yourself BEFORE you make your decisions.
3. Listen. When you get repetitive messages inside your own head from your intuition, LISTEN! Listen also to others that may offer up an alternative way. Sometimes our answers come from others as well.
4. Action. Take the first step, take ACTION towards what your intuition is saying that you should do next.
5. Be open. You never know. Anything is possible.
6. Be trusting. Trust the process you are currently in. There is no such thing as happenstance. TRUST yourself.

We are living through interesting times and life becomes as beautiful as you make it or choose to see it.

If you feel alone, or want to work on a piece of yourself or your WHOLE self and make steps to get yourself to another place and you feel you can’t do it alone (or don’t WANT to do it alone) then reach out for help! I am here for you! 

I would be honored to be your Life Coach. Together we can work through anything.

Big hugs from Sweden!


Cherry blossoms in Stockholm.

Thomas and I enjoying the cherry blossoms in Stockholm. Life just keeps getting better and better.