Summer, summer, summer time. A little DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince AND an exercise for you to start this season off right

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaar. Oh wait, that’s another song.

The summer weather is here, birds are singing, pollen is flying and filthing up everything (at least it covers over the dust in my house and I blame it on that :)) and we have vacations about to start.

What are your plans for the summer? Are you taking vacation time, Americans? Please say YES.

Sweden will be going on “semester” starting around midsommar (June 22nd this year). This is when the celebrations for the summer solstice begin. Party, party. The dancing around the maypole, copious amounts of alcohol, SKÅL!!, singing all kinds of old songs that only the Swedes think are funny, and of course great FOOD. Oooh, I love these days. I promise to share photos with you when the time comes.

This summer will include a lot of travel for us. One of the main reasons I moved to Sweden was so that I could travel around Europe more.

A big driver in my business plan was “Have WI-FI, will travel”! I can coach anywhere in the world and I do not have to sit in an office cooped up with a bunch of expenses that YOU as the client need to pay for. NOPE. You see how I help you? 🙂

So if you have something weighing on your heart and you want to get it out of you and discuss some plans of action with me over the summer, book a time via my website or email me. It doesn’t matter where I am, I will make myself available to coach you.

If you want a little teaser of how coaching works, here is an exercise I might ask you to complete. Exciting, right? 🙂

Ok, get a piece of paper and a pen.

In the center of the paper DRAW what you like about your current life situation with easy, simple symbols. Ex. draw stick figures, everything you feel you HAVE to have, everything you can’t live without. People, places, things you already have. Include everything in your life right now that you place a VALUE on, like your kids, family, friends, house, apartment, car, computer, jogging shoes, books, trees, whatever. Bring in abstract things as well like love, health, freedom, safety, education, etc.

In the upper right hand of the paper draw what you want to draw to you. Draw symbols for people or things that you would LIKE to have in your presence now. Then write a big heart around what you drew so that you can visualize your heart blood pumping into them.

In the lower left side of the paper draw things you want to REMOVE from your life. Things you are “done” with, this could be things, people, emotions, habits. Draw a big set of wings around these symbols when you are done drawing to visualize them flying away.

Now, write VALUE words under the people, places and things you drew on the paper.

WHY do you value these things, places or people? Write (for example) under the drawing of your house or apartment, not HOME but write a warm, loving place to retreat to, or a safe haven to invite my friends and family to. If you drew a computer for example, what does it give you? A link to the outside world or a way for me to sustain my family by earning money without having to travel (MY LIFE :)).  A car you could write, gives me the freedom to travel wherever I want to when I want to without being tied to public transport.

Now you have a visual of:

  • What you like best in your life right now
  • What you want to draw to you
  • What you want to let go of

Then the next step is HOW WILL YOU CREATE the life you want? Write down the BIG goals and then start making mini goals inside of the BIG goals. Then take the first step. That’s when the magic happens, my dear. Taking ACTION.

If you need help, contact me. I will help you achieve whatever it is YOU can visualize.

Together we are better.

Enjoy this summer day.

Your coach,