When in financial doubt… start digging deep.

Do you ever have days where you feel like the money you have just won’t last? Won’t cover your bills or get you to the next pay check? I know I have.

My entire career I have always had plenty of money. I have lived within my means. My parents raised me to never spend more than I had. “Don’t use credit cards if you can pay cash”. “Have a credit card for emergencies but don’t use it”. Those messages lie deep within me, for sure!

I was a saver when I worked at the bank. putting money into my 401K and being matched by my employer. Why wouldn’t I? That was free money!

When I sold real estate I stashed away enough money in order to make my BIG MOVE across the pond a reality. Without that money I wouldn’t have been able to move to Sweden and not work for over 2 years!

Today, as a sole proprietor starting a business from scratch, it gets a little harder when my income is inconsistent. Thomas and I have made the decision to cut down on any frivolous spending and commit to having me start my dream career while he is bringing in his salary. Hard for a gal like me that has always relied on her own skills and own money to pay the bills.

There are many expenses in starting a business so the savings account that I still have left from moving to Sweden in 2011 is dwindling quickly. What happens within me when I see those numbers going down and down?

I worry, of course!

In order to keep my head straight, I have some things that I must actively do in order to not get stuck in a downward spiral. I thought I would share them with you today, in case this ever happens to YOU.

Here are some important valuable lessons I have learned in my life around money:

Money doesn’t come when you chase it. Worrying about not having money doesn’t pay the bills.  Being proactive and thinking outside of the box when money is tight so that you can pay the bills, does.

Critical: Always knowing exactly how much comes in and out of your accounts every month. KNOWING your NUMBERS is very important because if you know what you need to have every month to survive, then it becomes a more tangible number versus “I never have enough” or “I just can’t seem to get ahead”.

Sending this type of message to yourself and out to the universe is a victim thought pattern that you need to be aware of and STOP. If you know exactly what you need and exactly what you have, then that makes your financial situation more reasonable. PLUS IT PUTS YOU IN THE DRIVER SEAT.

If I get too much in my own head around a “lack” mentality, I need to snap myself out of it quickly.  I think of positive, proactive things that I can do instead to stay out of financial worry.

Here are some examples and ideas you may want to consider:

  • Getting creative with food. What do we have in the fridge? What can we make out of this that maybe we haven’t tried before (we do not go out to eat nor buy fast food). Cooking at home is much more financially sound plus you know what you are eating.
  • Do I have anything in my home that I can sell on consignment that I no longer need. Maybe some furniture or clothing that looks nice and is still in fashion. Shoes I no longer wear. Bags I no longer use. Even have a yard sale so I can get rid of things to clean up the clutter in my home (and my mind).
  • Is there any bill I can eliminate for the moment, like cable, or a gym membership? Movie membership? On line clubs or memberships that I pay for that I do not use?  If you don’t use it, get rid of it. Can you downsize your phone bill? Do you need everything you have on the phone? All that memory? Often times we are paying for things we don’t use and when we know our numbers we can evaluate that and eliminate!
  • Does anyone owe you money? Have you given someone a loan and maybe they have stopped paying you or they pay you when they feel like it. Time to collect.
  • If you have credit cards and you have balances on them and you are paying the bills on time, you can call your credit card companies and see if they will lower your interest rate for being a good client. You can always shop credit cards on line to see what the best rates are out there and possibly get one consolidation card for all cards to be on one credit card and pay less interest. Best thing is to make a goal to pay the bank the least amount of interest as possible! More money that you can apply towards bringing your balance down as fast as possible so you can be debt free! Keep in mind: This is a proactive move to do this on your part. Banks will be much more likely to speak with you when you are paying your bills on time.
  • Can you help someone out with a dog that needs to be walked? A cat that needs to be loved on while their owner is at work or traveling? House sitting for someone who is going to be away for a while and doesn’t want to leave the house empty?
  • Can you help someone with something around their home? Think about your skill sets, do you have some cool thing that you are really good at or that you like to do that others can’t stand doing? Like washing windows? Planting flowers? Doing weeding for others? Painting some walls in someones home? Mowing lawns for others? Helping someone get to the grocery store that might have issues with going themselves? Helping someone with paperwork that they just can’t seem to get through because it seems daunting. Helping families pack for a big trip? Helping organize peoples closets or kitchen cabinets, if you have skills like that?

Pay attention to people in your community that are elderly or sickly that might need a helping hand. Ask your friends if there is anything you can help them with in order to earn extra money. Even just helping people out for free because you CAN helps bring the right mind shift and the money will start to flow in again.

Remember, it is never a thought of “LACK” that brings money and energy into your life. It is quite the opposite.

Always remember that YOU hold the key to your financial freedom and the more creative and out of the box you can get, the more likely it is that you will be able earn money if you are willing to do the work.

If you need help to get your head straight around your finances, reach out to me. I would be honored to help you. We will take it one step at a time.

We may not have it all together but together we have it all.

Words to live by.

Your coach,