Glad Midsommar!! Happy Midsummer!!

Happy greetings from Sweden!

Today is the day of all days. The day where all self respecting Swedes are out drinking, eating and dancing around the maypole.

And who wouldn’t like that? 🙂

This year I did something I have never done in my life to prepare for this big day.

I GREW potatoes!!! Well, alright, to be fair, I WATERED potatoes and they GREW all by themselves!! My sister-in-law-to-be Tove is a gardening wiz and she has a luscious garden where she grows everything imaginable. This year she so kindly brought over an IKEA bag filled with a bunch of dirt where she had put in 4-5 “old” potatoes. She said if I water them when the dirt looks dry then I will have my very own potatoes by midsummer! That’s all I needed to hear. That certainly sounded low maintenance enough.

Now this has prompted me to want to learn all of the things that seem to come so effortlessly to so many Swedes. Like growing your own vegetables, baking home made breads and cakes, painting your own house… the kinds of tasks that Americans hire out to the specialists!

Here is  the big reveal! It was a beautiful moment captured by Thomas since I needed to be hands free in order to dig in the dirt. You will see the magical moment here:

As if that is not enough for one week.

Here we have some photos of todays Midsommar celebration – lunch at our friend Tuula’s place, then the Almnäs Bruk festivities where we saw the raising of the maypole and we danced around the maypole with all of the children… the most important one was, of course, our God daughter Nova.


Midsommar Day in Almnäs Bruk

Our God daughter Nova and our dear friend Magda.

Cheers to family!

A rose between two pink thorns.

Midsommar smörgåsbord.

The Midsommar feast. All things delicious!

Best day of the year.

Mom and Tim sitting and enjoying a moment in Rosenlund.

Tuulas dinner table

Gorgeous table setting for Midsommar.

Gorgeous cheesecake creation

A masterpiece created by Marcus.

Pretty flower wreath

Typical Swedish flower wreath. Have no idea who the girl is but she had a nice wreath!

This was right after the maypole was raised.

Maypole being raised.

Raising of the maypole.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a piece of Swedish culture today. 🙂 If you have any questions, please reach out.

Have a wonderful weekend.