How a day can turn bad quickly.

One part of my prayers that I say every morning is:

“Thank you God for this day, come what may and every opportunity along the way.” Having said this for so many years, it is good to be reminded how my life flows so effortlessly every day.

Today was not one of those days.

Woke up early, cleaned the house, ate some breakfast, made sure my mom was all settled in before heading out the door to drive to the airport to pick up our friend Sandy whom was arriving from the US.

The drive was easy and the traffic wasn’t bad. We arrived at the airport, we sit in the car to save money since we refuse to pay those parking companies any more money than we have to. When Sandy texts she is ready to come out, I run.

Thomas cruises the parking lot and I call him because Sandy ended up getting delayed in the line to the border patrol.

When I call Thomas to let him know that we are coming out he says his stomach is killing him.

What? OK. We can pull over when we get on the road so you can use the restroom at a fast food restaurant.

Sandy and I get to the car and he says I need to drive and he needs to lie in the back seat because he isn’t feeling well.

WHAT? He never does that? Thomas never gets so sick he needs to lie down in the back of the car.

We drive home, 1,5 hours to the town we live in and when we arrive he is feeling better. We walk into the house, see mom and he is feeling worse again. He goes up to bed. I go up, check on him and he is writhing in bed.

I ask him if he is ready to go to the hospital. He tells me to call the ambulance. I panic, of course! I call 112 (like 911) and they say they will send an ambulance as soon as they have one, could be at least a half an hour.


He gets up and I drive him to the emergency room.

I have never seen him in so much pain before. He was sweating, couldn’t get comfortable.

Kidney stones hurt

Hospital visit with my love today.

They took blood work, took urine test and then even did a MRI. After 4 hours we find out my love has a kidney stone. 🙁

The stone is teetering on the top of his bladder and we had to wait for it to pass since it is so far down that they can’t smash it apart.

They gave him some miracle pill that he had to put in rectally (nice). That magical pill worked quickly. Well, it did have morphine in it.

Today I was scared. I was reminded how fragile the day is, really.  We really do not plan that anything will be different than the day before and sometimes the day is.

Today was one of those days.

To see him in so much pain reminded me yet again, for the 60 billionth time since meeting him, how much I love him.

Carpe punctum. Seize the moment. Too many things can happen every day.

I have to go now. I need to tell my man I love him and make sure he’s comfortable.

Luck at the end of a long day.

At the end of this day we receive rain and this beautiful rainbow

Make sure you seize the moment.

Your coach,