What? It’s nearly my birthday???? :)

7/17/67. The best day of my life.

I have so much to be thankful for. I have enriching opportunities that are presented to me every day and simply put, I love my life.

I celebrate every single day because I consider my life to be worth celebrating.

If it isn’t, then what’s it all for?

The older I turn, the more I do what I really like to do.

I like to give.

Give of myself. Share my heart. Share my soul, my food, my time, my wisdom… and in return I feel nourished.

I feel a deep sense of connection with other people when I give of myself and that for me is my life blood.

Perhaps you feel the same?

This year, I am asking a favor of you for my birthday. It may seem odd that I am asking for a present, but I am.

The present of your money. NOT FOR ME but for someone who is very dear to me.

My friend Nicole Arena.

Here is a photo of Nicole. Look at that smile. Gorgeous, right??

Fighting the fight of her life.

The smile that will last forever…

She is a single woman, living on her own in an apartment in Columbus, OH and she has no family to speak of. Only her “family of choice” which are her friends.

Nicole is battling breast cancer and she is in dire straights.

She has absolutely no possible way of working while she goes through her very arduous chemotherapy treatments and soon to be her daily regime of radiation treatments. Nicole’s cancer journey began back in January with the removal of her right breast and since then she has been going through chemotherapy every week.

My gift request of you is this.

Can you spare 20 dollars for Nicole? Are you willing to give money out of your pocket to someone you do not even know?

Would you consider making a difference to a person that someone else knows in order to see to it that she can stay in her apartment and pay her utility bills? Can you do it as a gift for ME on MY birthday??

Nicole is not able to do much. She doesn’t really leave her home because of the fear of infection. She can maybe take a walk down to the park to visit her mothers “tree”. The tree Nicole had planted in honour of her mother who passed tragically only a few years ago.

She may live alone but she shouldn’t have to fight her cancer alone. To ask for money from people that she doesn’t know is humbling for her, to say the least.

I don’t mind asking on her behalf because I know the money is going to a GREAT cause. An actual real person, directly to that person so that she can pay her monthly utility bills and rent (all donations can be made directly through her Go Fund Me Campaign via the link below).

She needs you. I need you.

Can you be so kind to go into your pocket and donate to her cause?


I wouldn’t ask you to do this if it weren’t necessary.  If I could pay all of her bills for her during this time, I would but I am not able to do so.

Please consider making my birthday the best one I have ever had by kindly donating to a worthwhile cause. I know there are many of them and that is why we are that much more appreciative of your kindness.

If I can ever help you with something, would you let me know?

Thank you.

With love and thankfulness,