Discovering our own region, saving money AND having fun? Is it possible?

Enormous stone teetering over our heads

Thomas and I look like ants!

This week we have had my niece Alana visiting us from the US and we have had to be creative with things to do that don’t cost a lot of money since we are watching our spending closely.

Being in nature was something that was high on her list so we took her to Tiveden National Park which is down in Västra Götaland region (the area where we have our family home).

I have never in my life been to this place and we decided to pack a lunch from home, walk a marked route through the forest that Thomas found when we got there.

We found out after the 2 hours CLIMBING in the forest that we were actually on the easiest of all of their paths. Lies.

I thought we were going to die at one point. I am not kidding.

I am not grossly out of shape and I am fairly adventurous.

At one point when were climbing up a cliff in between 2 humungous stones, I pictured us falling to our deaths. How would anyone even know where we were?

My phone didn’t have any coverage. No way anyone would find us for a while.

But this is how the Swedes roll. You think that maybe they could put up some re-hydration stations around the all up hill trek??!

Sweden is not for the faint at heart, that’s for sure!

Swedes are very outdoorsy people. I too love to be outside but these types of places are over the top.

How in the world would someone who has heart problems, or maybe footing or balance issues be able to make it through these tight passages? Some warning symbols along the path would have been appreciated. Here is the American in me coming out. 🙂

Dangerous, I say.

The photo of Thomas and I  was taken after FINALLY getting to the point that we were searching for, Stenkällaren. I would have walked right past this place if I had not seen a small boy getting his photo taken by his mother. I had so much sweat running down my face that it was hard to see this “small” stone.

If you are in Sweden and up for an adventure, go for it. But wear good shoes and BRING YOUR OWN WATER!

Stay cool and have a nice weekend!