August 2018

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Yes, please!

Self Esteem starts with SELF

Happy Thursday! Continuing on with the videos… at least this time I am seated and not panting! 🙂 Today’s video is about self esteem and the negative messages we tell ourselves and how that impacts us. Starting with myself. Helps to coach on things you’ve gone through yourself. If you want to know more about how

Putting your oxygen mask on first.

Letter of Direction – what is it and how can it help you?

    “The traffic lights of life are very rarely green at the same time.” – Tim Ferriss He’s not kidding. If we wait for those green lights, we will be waiting a long time. 13 years ago today my father passed away from mesothelioma, asbestos cancer. Why is the topic of death and dying

The Italian tour is over… for now!

Buongiorno! WHAT A TRIP we had to Sicily! WOW!!! Talk about a whirlwind tour. Planes, trains, automobiles and buses. And that was only yesterday! One thing I have gotten very used to with living in Sweden is there is always order and quiet here. Definitely not what you have when you land in Italy! Let’s

Next stop… Sicily!

It’s August! WHAT?! How can my birth month be over?? 🙂 To be honest, I am ready for the real world to start back up again (being the regimented, scheduled individual that I am). But not just yet. We leave for Sicily this Friday. WAHOOOO! I have never been! The weather should be cooler down