Next stop… Sicily!

It’s August! WHAT?! How can my birth month be over?? 🙂

To be honest, I am ready for the real world to start back up again (being the regimented, scheduled individual that I am). But not just yet.

We leave for Sicily this Friday. WAHOOOO! I have never been!

The weather should be cooler down there than it has been in Sweden so at least we are physically prepared for it. Unlike our home here in Sweden, the house we are renting has air conditioning AND a pool! LUXURY!

We are traveling down to celebrate my soon-to-be-sister-in-laws 50th birthday. She loves Italy (who doesn’t) so that was where she wanted to spend her special day…. with 8 other people right below Mt. Etna! Let’s hope the volcano doesn’t decide to show off for us.

I want to send some videos from the island when we are there so that you can see what it’s like too. I want to share it with you!

I am trying something new this trip. I am not planning everything!

I just went upstairs to get something out of my office and noticed my Vision Board had fallen off the wall due to wind from the open window. I put it back up on the wall and spent some time looking at it again. I smiled when I saw something that I was currently in the middle of doing….

“Sometimes when you plan a little less, you experience a little more”. YES!

Woman rowboat in a pool

Me in a rowboat in Sicily. HA!

This is a tough one for me as I have a natural knack of over thinking and over planning everything for myself and others.

Whether they asked me to or not.

I don’t actually like it when I do it because then I somehow take on some unnecessary responsibility that no one ever asked me to take on and I can’t relax the entire time because my mind goes into Julie the Cruise Director mode.

Not this time.

Progress not perfection, right?

To throw planning to the wind is invigorating, if not a little unnerving.

How hard can it be, right?

Stay tuned. I will fill you in on how it’s going with some videos, hopefully.

Assuming there is WIFI in Italy.

There’s WIFI in Italy, right??!


Ready or not, here we come! Italy

I’m coming for you Italy!

With love and pistachio gelato!