The Italian tour is over… for now!


WHAT A TRIP we had to Sicily! WOW!!!

Talk about a whirlwind tour. Planes, trains, automobiles and buses. And that was only yesterday!

One thing I have gotten very used to with living in Sweden is there is always order and quiet here. Definitely not what you have when you land in Italy!

Let’s suffice is to say that the Italians have a different idea of “inside voice” than what the northern Europeans have.

That’s also a beautiful part of leaving your own back yard, seeing, feeling and witnessing how other people live.

We are not all alike and thank GOODNESS for that!

Once day we drove up Mt Etna (an active volcano) and let me tell you, just that drive up the mountain was an adventure in and of itself.

Switchbacks, people driving like maniacs, buses turning hair pins corners going far too fast. EEEK! Once we finally arrived, the weather was a good bit cooler up on top so people had sweaters, jeans, and jackets on. I didn’t think it was that cold but it sure was windy the closer you got to the edges.

That was a big deal for me. To go up on Mt Etna, I mean. I don’t love heights and I don’t love the thought of standing next to an active volcano. BUT I DID IT!

Hope you can hear my little video I made for you. 🙂

We also went to a beautiful place called Aci Castello one day so that we could check out a place where you could jump into the water from a cliff. We didn’t find a cliff but we walked into the water anyway. It was so beautiful. The Mediterranean is very salty so you float like a buoy … which is nice if you aren’t very confident with swimming. We had to walk across lava rocks to get into the water. A little scary but we did it and the water was so refreshing!

Here’s a video I took there for you. Sorry about the sideways views :). Still learning how to do this properly. 🙂

Like I said, the weather in Italy was blazing hot but good thing we had so much preparation with the weather we’ve had in Sweden! See!? Not for nuthin’!! 🙂

I am now declaring summer to be officially over. So you know.

Now its time to get back to work! YES! I am so excited!

If you (or someone you want to refer me to) wants help with something— to walk you through your life, help you to see things from a different perspective, take a hold of something you may not want to look at but know you must (relationships, job, family members, bosses, whatever)… reach out to me. Let’s get you started with some coaching sessions so that you can get your life back where YOU want it to be.

Its YOUR life and you are worth all good things.

I am here for you, when you are ready. I am only an email or a Message away!

Excited hugs,