How would YOUR dream work day look?

Recently I have been doing some meditation work around my perfect work day and how I want it to look.

Have you ever taken into consideration how a PERFECT work day would look for you?

I was speaking with a client the other day and she told me that she had never thought of her “work day” as something that could be fun or exciting or even something to look forward to. “Mondays SUCK and the only day to look forward to is Friday”.

Is that how you feel too?

Is that how you want to live your life? In constant wait for Friday?

Then what happens on Sunday? Do you start to dread the week ahead again?

What a drain on the brain! Your life doesn’t have to look like that!

The thoughts of HAVING to do something that you dislike, or work for a boss that doesn’t listen to you or over scrutinizes every move you make or has unrealistic expectations of what it is you can do in a 9 hour business day because the company is “doing more with less”? Is that enough of a life for you? If yes, then stop reading.

If you can identify with any part of this then you need to stop, look (at yourself) and listen (to yourself).

Your life is passing right before your very eyes and if you do not take a real hard look at how YOU choose to accept the life you are creating then before you know it, the party (called life) is over.

So what can you do about it?

“I have to work to support myself, my family, I have student loans to pay back, I have a car loan, a mortgage. I HAVE to work!” I KNOW. I get it. We all do.

But HOW do you WANT your actual work day to look? We have no problem saying what we don’t want, but its not as often that we take proactive steps to say what we DO want.

If it could be a “perfect” work day, what would that mean to you? How does a work day look to you that is fulfilling, challenging, creative, energizing, wealth building, fun, exciting, friendly, non-aggressive, proactive… whatever!

This weekend I am meeting a coach friend of mine and she and I are going to create our own vision boards around this. “The Perfect Work Day”.

Its an exercise that I have been thinking about for a while now and I came up with some thoughts. Some very specific thoughts so that I can be clear with myself first and in return I am giving out a clear message to the world what it is I AM creating. For those of you that believe in the law of attraction, this is for you.

So this is an example of what I came up with so you can get an idea of what this might look like if you wanted to create a Perfect Work Day for yourself as well.

First off, VISUALIZE BIG and then start backing into HOW you can achieve the day.

Put away all fears or pre-conceived notions of what you have been told a work day is “supposed” to look like.

And then imagine if… start writing, journaling, brain dump, whatever. Just write down your thoughts and dreams. After you write them all down, get magazines, cut out words, statements, images, photos that you are drawn to that capture what it is you want for your Perfect Work Day.

Think about the work environment, the desk, the chair you sit on, the coffee cup you will drink from, the pen you will use, the smile on your face, the lightness in your heart, the difference you will make. Glue the photos on a big piece of poster board, write down words if you can’t find the images in magazine. BE CLEAR AND SPECIFIC.

Notice the specificity in my perfect work day (below). The more clear and concise you can be, the better off and more likely it is that you will create this day for yourself. Keep in mind, I am a sole entrepreneur and I run my own business out of my home. Of course your day will look different but that’s the point…. its YOUR perfect work day. Here’s mine.

Åsa’s PERFECT WORK DAY for my Vision Board:

  • Get up at 7,15, have a coffee with Thomas.
  • Do my morning 20 minute guided meditation to get my head on straight for the day. Create FOCUS.
  • Look through my emails, social media updates and respond accordingly. MAX 30 minutes!
  • Eat a good healthy breakfast consisting of yogurt, a cooked egg and a sandwich. (I always eat a sturdy breakfast otherwise I sit and obsess about food. I am not joking. Food is a very large part of my life).
  • I would then do my 5 rites. That takes me approximately 20 minutes .
  • Then jump in the shower and after that, I am rearing to go COACH!
  • I would coach my first client at 9,30 (each coaching session is booked for 1,5 hours so I have prep time prior and after. Max 3 coaching sessions per day / 4 days a week as it is mentally taxing yet extremely FUN).**
  • At around 12, I will eat a healthy lunch consisting of soup or a salad with tuna. (I already drink a lot of water throughout the entire day, it’s very important for me to stay hydrated).
  • I will then go for my 3 km walk in the forest. I want to do this in order to literally connect my body to mother earth and to speak to God. This is my HOLY time.
  • Next client would be 1:30 till 3:00.
  • Last client of the day would be from 3:30 till 5:00.
  • ** I would set aside one day a week for administrative work; write my weekly blog post, write my weekly newsletter, do research, find inspiring and interesting material, create worksheets, create copy, pay bills, try to figure out how my accounting system works, work with my graphic designer, work with my web designer, send invoices, audit bills to see where I can streamline and become more efficient, make phone calls, send emails to potential clients, call potential clients and ask for the business, set up appointments to meet businesses face to face to discuss what I can offer them and their employees.

DANG! This sounds like an awesome week!! YES, I think I might just be able to make this work.

Now that’s what I am talking about!

You and I can create any sort of life we want. The question then becomes WHEN and HOW do we want to start?

Start with a vision board, DREAM big. By doing this you see a higher version of yourself and your life.

And then start by taking ONE step towards creating that day.

What is one step you can start with? Do this exercise with a friend and see what kind of a magical work life you can come up with. Or do it alone, it doesn’t matter. JUST DO IT! If you are not happy in your current work situation then it is only YOU that can change it. Take ownership of your life and your happiness.

Aren’t you worth it? I sure think you are!

There is another 4 letter word for W-O-R-K. It CAN be called L-O-V-E (thank you M.B.Wrenn).

When you complete this, please SHARE your thoughts with me! I love hearing what you come up with.

Thank you for helping me build my Life Coaching business, one “Perfect Work Day” at a time!

Always the best,