Video: 3 things to think through PRIOR to starting a business or any large venture

This week I discuss the 3 most important things to think about before starting a business, or any new venture, really.

Plus the 3 things to never negotiate (thank you @marieforleo).

I share a new online course designed to help women get back into the work force after opting out for a while. Kelley Biskupiak is a coaching friend of mine and she and her business partner Susan are simply awesome!!

Yes, I know I am sending business to other women and I do that because I truly believe this program is meant to be shared with as many women as possible! All over the world!! Game changer.

I truly get joy from connecting people!

Go check them out.

Last but not least, my singing debut. Give me your thoughts about my new tag line!

Signing off for this week…
– Your Dream Weaver (you gotta watch the video)