October 2018

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Yes, please!

Video from moms house in Ohio – Upcoming family meeting, planning for moms (and our) future.

It’s that beautiful day of the week again! You miss me?? ? Please listen, take note, then take action. To plan ahead, to speak openly and honestly with your loved ones about each others wishes… don’t delay. The time is now. And you truly ARE paying it forward when doing this… With love from Ohio! www.asanilssonlifecoach.com

Video – Live from America!! Wheel of Life – 8 spokes that combine to make us “whole”

Happy Thursday from America!! Hope you enjoy the change of venue this week! I am sitting at my moms home in Westerville, Ohio. Feels great to be here. ? Planes, trains, buses, automobiles… you name it, I’ve been on it this past week. And I LOVE it! Having an absolute blast! We’ve already been to a

Time to share my history with stress symptoms. Was I blind?!

Have you ever felt the need to just take a rest? To stop what you are doing and step aside for a bit to reflect, take a breath, look at your life path in order to gain a different or new perspective? I do. This happens inside of  me every fall. A pull to stay

If it’s good enough for Oprah…

Hello love! I am back with a Live (well, recorded) video from Studio K19 in Tillberga, Sweden. HA! I’ve now named my home “studio” :). I like it! This weeks Åsa Nilsson Life Coaching task is for you to complete a life audit. What?? Yes, you read that right. It’s high time you took a