Time to share my history with stress symptoms. Was I blind?!

Have you ever felt the need to just take a rest? To stop what you are doing and step aside for a bit to reflect, take a breath, look at your life path in order to gain a different or new perspective?

I do.

This happens inside of  me every fall. A pull to stay in bed. I go strong all year long then summer ends and fall comes.

Fall happens to also be my favorite season and possibly so because it is my time for reflection.

The darkness quickly envelopes Sweden and I want to sleep more and longer. Stay under the covers and dream.

Alas, dreams don’t come true if you never get out of bed, my sweet.

Zip it! I can’t stand to be reasoned with. 🙂

Being that I am a “heads down, get to work” kind of gal, it’s easy for me to write tasks to be completed, complete those said tasks and then start to think about the next tasks.

There is ALWAYS something to do next.

Yesterday, I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t make my brain want to think or plan or create.

I simply needed to rest. So I listened.

The unfortunate thing that happens inside of me when I do rest on a weekday is I start to get “fraudy” feelings.

How can I possibly be a business owner and lie here on the sofa and listen to a Masterclass for several hours (albeit a business master class) and still feel like I “shouldn’t” be doing that?! Especially after my history.

It is RIDICULOUS that I STILL tell myself the same story and I nearrrrrly believed it again. Until I stopped myself. #progressnotperfection

Production at all costs? No. Not any more.


We ALL have to take breaks. When our bodies speak to us, stop and listen.  I can certainly speak to this.

I spent far too many years not listening to these warnings in my life and in my body.

My stress symptoms that were basically knocking me down – I didn’t get it! I had NO idea what they were. Because I never stopped to listen.

It started with not being able to swallow food properly, then it started showing up as a terrible skin condition on my hands and feet that lasted over a year (finally diagnosed after a year as eczema due to stress), then it was chest palpitations leaving me feeling like I was having a heart attack.

REALLY? You THINK I would POSSIBLY have considered ANY of these symptoms to be a sign that mayyybe I was not happy and feeling at peace in my career choice?? I kid you not. These symptoms lasted over 3 years!!

My life was out of control and there was only one person to stop the madness.


I promise you. Your boss will NOT be the person to say stop working yourself into the ground.

If you can recognize any of these symptoms in yourself (or see it in others that are near and dear to you) PLEASE take the time out for yourself and evaluate what in the world is going on in your life that your body is reacting to.

Women and stress. Not good. Too many people to take care of.

Consider asking your hubby or a friend to take the kids for an afternoon so you can enjoy an hour in bed in the afternoon in the quiet to read a book or a magazine or even take yourself for a nice refreshing walk. Go to a movie by yourself to have the time to evaluate your feelings and think about your needs. Disconnect and listen. Whatever it is that YOU want to do.

Ask your tribe for help!  We are not in this alone!

There’s nothing wrong with taking this time for you but what is wrong is not listening to the warnings because my darling, soon those warnings will change and they will no longer be so “delicate”!

I give you permission to take the time for YOU! I give you a big HELLLLL YES for doing it! Don’t make the same mistakes I made.

In the quiet your answers will come.  What is happening? Do you want it like this? If not, how can you change it. Start somewhere! With ONE thing. That will lead you to the next thing, and so on and so on.

“Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work.” —Ralph Marston

Yes, get back to work …  the real work which is the work you do on YOU.

Take it easy. You have permission.

With gentle love,