Video – Live from America!! Wheel of Life – 8 spokes that combine to make us “whole”

Happy Thursday from America!!

Hope you enjoy the change of venue this week! I am sitting at my moms home in Westerville, Ohio. Feels great to be here. ?

Planes, trains, buses, automobiles… you name it, I’ve been on it this past week. And I LOVE it! Having an absolute blast!

We’ve already been to a wedding, surprised my girlfriend, seen all kinds of dear friends and the old neighborhoods where I lived for 10 years of my life, even done some face-to-face coaching (which I lovvve). It’s always great to be back and see as many people as I can. There’s just never enough time to see everyone.

Alas, this weeks vlog post is about the wheel of life and how we need to look at the sum of the parts that combine to make us whole.

Please consider doing the exercise and look at all 8 pieces of your life: Career, Significant Other, Fun, Health/Wellness, Finances, Personal Growth, Home/Organization, Family/Friends.

Reach out if you want help. I am only a Message away! ?

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