Video: How are you blocking money from coming into your life?

Oh, happpy day! We meet again.

Happy Thursday, dear heart! Is it me or is the time whipping by at a nutty speed?

It’s nearly July 17th again! Oh wait, I mean Christmas not my birthday! Silly me!

Before you get all crazed about your holiday shopping, consider looking at my video first.

Be smart with your hard earned money.

Awareness around your spending now can mean a bright beginning to a new year versus starting it in the financial hole.

What’s your money story and where are your money blocks? Do the exercise and see why you spend money the way you do and then consider doing something different.

Like giving money to charities instead! If you have to still spend then consider making a larger impact. It’s a win-win!

If you need help, just ask!

PS Some cool new coaching packages are coming your way in 2019. Can.not.wait!!