Video: Choir singing traditional Santa Lucia song, December 13th, Sweden

Such a beautiful tradition. Santa Lucia… she (Lucia) brings light to the darkest time of the year in Sweden.

Traditionally (well, back in the dayyyy when I was young) the household was awoken by the children (wearing their white long pajama dresses) singing and carrying live candles through the home (obviously times have changed and you probably wouldn’t permit your kids to do this any more! :)).

Anywho… the head of the procession is Lucia and she herself bears a crown of light (live candles on her head!) and it looks so beautiful.

The kids start singing in the kitchen or in another room and then walk in a procession to their parents bedroom carrying the “light”, and also maybe some breakfast consisting of coffee and some sweet treats to eat (like the lussekatt pastry pictured here that I ate this morning). Nice, cozy way to start the day, for sure!

Power breakfast on Lucia

Lucia breakfast treat. Coffee and lussekatt. Yum! Glad Santa Lucia!

At least that’s how my family celebrated Lucia when we were little! 🙂

The choir sounds like angels singing in this big church. This choir is from Rudbeckianska High School here in Västerås, Sweden.

I could only video tape them as they were leaving since the conductor was standing in front of us the rest of the time :).

I hope you are enjoying this season so far. Please consider taking a moment to yourself and breathe it all in. Go for a walk. Light a candle. Calm down and be present. Spend time thinking about what you are grateful for in your life.

The new year will be here soon enough. We don’t have to think about that yet though… now its time to be together with loved ones…