January 2019

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Video: “I am determined to see things differently” – ACIM

Happy Thursday! “I am determined to see things differently”  – A Course in Miracles, Lesson 21. What are you willing to change in your life by looking at it differently? Hope you enjoy my video where I share more of me with you. Today I am also presenting my new 2019 Life Coaching packages to

5 videos – Follow along as I declutter my clothing using the KonMari Method

Video: De – cluttering my Body, Mind, Soul AND Home

Happy January 17th! 6 months till whattttt day?!  Today I tie all of this together for you … what I am doing here with my Body, Mind, Soul and HOME connection. De-cluttering central over here and the struggles attached to that. This is not for the weak of heart, for sure!  Enjoy the video, let’s

Video: De-cluttering and simplifying your life… what does that even mean?!

Happy Thursday! Simplifying your life. What does that look like or even mean?? Watch this video to learn more about my dirty little secret  Well, it appears I have several but I can only deal with one at a time. I am super stoked about my wanna-be-wish-wife Marie Kondo! Check out her 8 part series on

Video – What’s your word of the year and whoa, watch your back!

Happy first Thursday of 2019! I have now experienced my very first physical therapy appointment. I got “lasered”, taped up, very lightly massaged and had a heat camera photographing my back. Physical therapist does not recommend I do chiropractic manipulation on my back ‘in the shape I am currently in’. Rude. No, she didn’t mean