Video – What’s your word of the year and whoa, watch your back!

Happy first Thursday of 2019!

I have now experienced my very first physical therapy appointment.

I got “lasered”, taped up, very lightly massaged and had a heat camera photographing my back. Physical therapist does not recommend I do chiropractic manipulation on my back ‘in the shape I am currently in’.


No, she didn’t mean I was in bad shape but she considered my back to be ‘acute’ … but ‘going to get better’.

See? There’s always hope!

And thank goodness for that!

So, watch my incredible video and let me know what your word for 2019 is.


Care to collaborate? Create some magic together? I have shared enough of myself in these videos by now for you to see who I am.

Do you want to team up on a project with me? Are you wanting to get yourself out there in a different way and want to join in with me in creating something together?

This is a brand new year and opportunity abounds.

The world is our oyster. Let’s connect!

Warm, lasered hugs!!

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