February 2019

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Video: Are you being bullied or treated like crap?

Serious topic this week. >>> Bullying and being treated like crap? >>> “It isn’t big to make others feel small”. If you or anyone you know is being berated or treated poorly, speak up! We have to take a stand against bullying and help one another. Decide for yourself, will you continue to accept this

Anybody seen the chiefs balls?

I love Melissa McCarthy and this snippet out of The Heat Movie (2013) makes me laugh out loud every single time I see it. So on to my point. Your balls. Have you lost yours too? Have they shrivelled up and left you a shadow of your former self? Or have you never actually found

Video: What are your TOP 5 Bad A** Decisions you’ve made, even though you were afraid?

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear heart!! >>> This week’s CHALLENGE >>> What are your TOP 5 BAD A** decisions that you’ve made in your life, that EVEN THOUGH you were afraid, you did them anyway? My video this week covers some of mine. Please excuse my misquote as well! Even though I read it verbatim I still

Video: Topic of the Week – Money

Happy Thursday! Topic of the week: MONEY When will you ever have enough? How do you view your finances? Do you know your numbers? Do you know what you are working so hard for? Important conversations happen when you get real with yourself (and others) around your money. I love this topic so feel free