Video: 2 year anniversary of being a life coach + learning my Progressed Moon Cycle

Happy Thursday.

Today is a day for reflection for me.

Its now been 2 years since becoming a Life Coach and I have learned so much in that time, primarily about what makes me tick as a human.

Coincidentally (or not) I also learned that I am 24 months into a 29 month progressed moon cycle of Libra and my element right now is Air (learned from Colette Baron-Reid, see below).

Interesting that the timing works out exactly to be when I started my life coach training. No such thing as a coincidence, I tell you. These astrological terms might seem a bit WOO WOO but hang in there. The ladies make it super east to follow along. I promise!

I also learned my karmic conversation is around relationships! I keep repeating the same patterns and if I don’t change them, or “disrupt” my karmic code then I will always create the same results.

And I for one do NOT want to keep hitting repeat.

What about you? Do you want to learn about your current moon cycle and your karmic code? Then go check out the free 3 part video series by Colette Baron-Reid and Debra Silverman.

Here’s the link:

I thought it was interesting and well worth an hour of your time to watch the videos and do the exercises.

Do them and share with me if yours was accurate too! I want to hear.

Email me here:

Thank you for watching and have a wonderful evening.