October 2019

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Yes, please!

Are you feeling stress anywhere in your life? An exercise you can do NOW.

68 days left in 2019. How do you want to go out? With a BANG ? or a FIZZ?

Being nervous and showing up anyway.

Happy Thursday!   Feeling joy in my heart this week for my new working accommodations (WESTRAS in Västerås, check them out if you are an entrepreneur and want a “city center” place to work from).  This week has been about pushing my limits, identifying the CAUSE I am living for and putting a spotlight on

Facebook LIVE: The end of an era with the sale of the family home

Finally back in Sweden! Jetlagged and pondering quantum physics with Dr Dispenza

Happy Friiiiday! Feeling a little out of sorts still from the jet lag but wanted to reach out and say HI! I am also learning more about Dr Joe Dispenza and his very interesting work on reprogramming the brain and disease… things that make you go hmmmm. Go check him out and let’s talk about