Being nervous and showing up anyway.

Happy Thursday!
Feeling joy in my heart this week for my new working accommodations (WESTRAS in Västerås, check them out if you are an entrepreneur and want a “city center” place to work from). 
This week has been about pushing my limits, identifying the CAUSE I am living for and putting a spotlight on my fears and shame… and it feels GOOD! ❣️
Quite a week so far, to say the least. #thebestisyettocome
?What about you? What are you up to? Are you pushing yourself and your limits? Are you noting where you are making yourself smaller or telling yourself the lie that “you can do it alone”… PAY ATTENTION. Use your own intuition and know you have everything you need— already inside of you.
Share your story with me too! I want to know how you feel and if there is a place you need help. Maybe just a virtual hug! If you need it, I just happen to have one for you.?