Video 1: “The Truth Be Told” Series – Money Shame and my own money story

Happy Thursday dear you!

Welcome to the first video in my new series called “The truth be told”.

As I am all about the truth and not wanting to live behind a “false story” or a lie (any more ?), I decided the best place to open up the forum on MONEY was to share a deep dark secret of my own.

Alright, its not that deep and dark but the feeling that my financial life was completely:

? “Out of control”
? Shame in knowing I had a ton of DEBT
? Feeling the embarrassment of what everyone would think of me
? Having a serious lack of respect for myself for the fact that I got myself into the situation that I “found” myself in since I *knew better* after having worked in banking for so long

Well, that’s how the feelings started but those feelings changed quickly after I took ACTION to change it.

As my dear Marie Forleo says, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought”.

Action trumps most fears pretty quickly, I have found.

What about you? Have you ever found yourself in a financial pickle and didn’t know how to get yourself out of it?

I am all for TALKING WITH OTHERS and LEARNING MORE about money…. especially the TRUE story at the base of your money beliefs.

And one more thing I know for sure is this…

Being in debt is NEVER about the money… there is ALWAYS a much deeper reason WHY we /you are in debt and THAT’S the conversation I love to have.

Are you with me? ?‍♀️?‍♂️

Then watch my video, SHARE with whomever you know that needs to hear it or with EVERYONE you know so we can STOP the fear around having tough conversations about money (especially with the kids!) and instead of hiding our heads in the sand… let’s LEARN and do something about it!

Onward and upward… ❣️

Now… SEND ME YOUR MONEY STORY (privately if that is better for you), and send me your most burning questions that you have around money, or your biggest fears, or what you are afraid or ashamed of. I WANT TO KNOW!

It’s time to get honest.

XO Åsa