December 2019

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Final video of 2019! ‘Truth Be Told’ series, video 7. Topics: Net Worth and my BIG Announcement!

Happy Thursday dear friends!   Today is my final video of 2019 in my ‘Truth be Told’ series on Money (apologies in advance for some audio issues).   ⚜️The topic this week is two fold: Net Worth: What is it.   And secondly, my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Woo hoo!!    ♦️ Now I need YOUR help

Video 6 of 7, Truth Be Told Series on Money. Today’s topic: Mindset

Happy Thursday and Happy Holidays! ? Welcome to video 6 of 7 in my ‘Truth Be Told’ video series on Money. ? Stay tuned for my final video of 2019 next week- I have a big announcement! ? This weeks video is on the importance of our Mindset. Your ‘worth’ starts with your own mindset. >>> What stories

Video 5 in my ‘Truth be Told’ Series: 7 Simple Money Basics Questions

? Happy 12/12! ? Welcome to video 5 in my ‘Truth be Told’ Series on Money. This video series was created for me to be able to share my (sometimes unfortunate) truthful tales of hiding my head in the financial sand with you. If I know something, I want to teach YOU too! In this

Video 4 in my ‘Truth be Told’ Series: Aligning with your money.

Happy Thursday! Welcome to week 4 of my ‘Truth be Told’ video series. This weeks topic: “Aligning with your money”. ? If you or anyone you know is a specialist on IRA’s or investments, please SHARE this video with them! Would love to get someone on here with us explaining and discussing the importance of saving