Video 5 in my ‘Truth be Told’ Series: 7 Simple Money Basics Questions

? Happy 12/12! ?

Welcome to video 5 in my ‘Truth be Told’ Series on Money.

This video series was created for me to be able to share my (sometimes unfortunate) truthful tales of hiding my head in the financial sand with you. If I know something, I want to teach YOU too!

In this video I cover 7 SIMPLE MONEY QUESTIONS you can ask yourself to see how you are doing with your “Money Basics”. True or False answers.

There were 42 questions in the entire quiz and my lowest points were in this category: Learning Money Basics. ?

Seriously? Talk about getting a slap back to reality to FOCUS!

Goes to show how bad money habits develop quickly. Just like GOOD money habits can be CHANGED quickly.

It starts with a choice. A choice to do something different. A choice to SEE more (do you WANT to see, that’s an important question to ask yourself first). A choice to ask more and better questions.

? Let’s stop playing small. Let’s stop giving our power away to someone else. ?

? Don’t wait to look at your accounts.
? Don’t wait to make sure your name is listed on accounts.

? Don’t wait to see that you know where all the accounts are and do you have the contact names of the advisors.
? Don’t wait to know what the balances are.
? Don’t wait to know exactly what YOUR assets are.

Knowledge is power, sister!

The time to start is now.


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P.S. Only 2 videos left for 2019. Exciting times ahead. ?

Sources: April Barkhouse Stroink, Tatiana Tsoir at, Quiz questions come from “Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich” by Lois P. Frankel