Final video of 2019! ‘Truth Be Told’ series, video 7. Topics: Net Worth and my BIG Announcement!

Happy Thursday dear friends!
Today is my final video of 2019 in my ‘Truth be Told’ series on Money (apologies in advance for some audio issues).
⚜️The topic this week is two fold: Net Worth: What is it.
And secondly, my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Woo hoo!! 
♦️ Now I need YOUR help ♦️
? I would appreciate you watching the video and SHARING it with your friends and family that you know would appreciate working with me in 2020 (and beyond) in my new niche. ?
My raft has been righted. No more struggling up stream to figure out who I want to serve anymore. I’ve dropped the oars and I am letting the stream take me where it always knew I was destined to go. ❣️
Without your love and support, I would not be able to do this. Thank you. I appreciate your trust and faith in me.