March 2020

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Are you ready to unlock the untamed you?

Do you feel it? That unsettled feeling of KNOWING there is more inside of you. Are you ready to unlearn old social programming? Are you finally ready to unlock the untamed you? Then let me help set you free. “God doesn’t put two people together to only help one”. Maureen Muldoon Help me, help you. This

Västerås, Sweden: Inspiring Small Business Owners. Why LinkedIn for Business?

I think we have known each other long enough now for me to be honest with you, yes? I do NOT feel that Facebook is for dinosaurs, do YOU??!! 😂 There has been a new found pep in my step since this whole CV-19 came into our lives and I not only have a vested interest

Working from home now? Some tips from this old pro! :)

Working from home now? I have been doing it for 2,5 years and I’ll be honest… it takes some getting used to. Here are some tips to try in order to make your temporary ‘work day’ flow a bit easier: 1. Create a space to do your work. Even if its a corner of the

Business people supporting business people … how to think outside the box in today’s world.

Therese Eriksson of Tuss Media and I are going to be working from The Steam Hotel here in Västerås this morning to show solidarity with our local businesses (while still applying social distancing, of course). How can we help you? How can we support you and your business right now? The time to shift and