Business people supporting business people … how to think outside the box in today’s world.

Therese Eriksson of Tuss Media and I are going to be working from The Steam Hotel here in Västerås this morning to show solidarity with our local businesses (while still applying social distancing, of course).

How can we help you? How can we support you and your business right now?

The time to shift and pivot is now so if we have to do business differently then we also have to shift our mindset and focus on what we CAN do and not worry about what can’t be done.

Let’s brainstorm. It’s time to be creative.

Come by and have a coffee, we can chat about some things you can try right now to work with what you’ve got.

Therese and I can share how you can use Social Media in a positive, proactive way for your business right now.

Therese is bringing her camera and will help you create a short video (like she created here with me) on the spot at no charge. You can upload it to your social media pages explaining how you and your company are working through and adjusting during this time of change.

She can also take a new profile photo for you in order for you to have a more updated look on your business profile so potential clients will see who it is they are hiring. #peoplebuyfrompeople

Let’s not retreat now. Let’s show support for each other and rise together.

*This is all free of charge. Just come by (after 10) and let’s talk and support each other.

Ingen kan göra allt men alla kan göra något.

Åsa Nilsson Business and Money Mindset Coach and Therese Eriksson from Tuss Media