Working from home now? Some tips from this old pro! :)

Working from home now? I have been doing it for 2,5 years and I’ll be honest… it takes some getting used to.

Here are some tips to try in order to make your temporary ‘work day’ flow a bit easier:

1. Create a space to do your work. Even if its a corner of the kitchen table. Make that space yours and own it. De-clutter every thing around you, simplify your work area, have all of your supplies around you so you are able to focus.
2. Create segmented intentions of work time. When you know what you need to do for the day, you can complete the tasks in intentional segments. Write your work tasks out the night before, wake up the same time every day, get your food prepped in advance, have some sort of hydration close by and snacks at the ready. Preparation is key.
3. Take breaks! Schedule them in so you take them and also so your kids know when you can be with them. Go outside and breath! 10-15 minute increments is enough.
4. Be mindful of your precious heart + soul right now. Too much input from social media or negative hysterical family members may not be what you need. Take time to check in with yourself to see how you feel several times a day. If you are able to meditate 10 minutes a day, your sense of peace will improve. Pinky promise.

Best to you and yours.